NYLESA - the New York Local Expatriate Spouse Association, was founded by UN spouses in May 2011 under the global UN Dual Career & Staff Mobility Programme. Its main mission is to support UN staff spouses and partners to settle and enjoy life in New York City and its surrounding area, network and enhance employability skills and opportunities. NYLESA is one of several affiliated LESA associations across the world.



The Association’s members represent a wide range 
of backgrounds, cultures and languages. Some of us have just arrived in the New York area, others have been here for several years.

Our members are united in helping each other settle into life in a new city as well as supporting professional development and employment opportunities – all within a fun and welcoming community.

"NYLESA is more than a career support program and a social group, it is a community. It takes the place of family and friends for those of us who are far from home." Angela Bamblett

Former NYLESA Chair (2012-2013)


  • promoting spouse/partner employment within and outside the international civil service;
  • enhancing spouse/partner employability and maintenance of professional careers;
  • assisting spouses/partners to settle and enjoy life in New York City and its surrounding area;
  • to become a strong and effective advocate and liaison between spouses/partners and organizations employing international civil servants in New York;
  • to contribute to the development of a network of like-minded associations around the world.

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