The January Career Table will be hosted by business and marketing coach Amel Derragui, founder of Tandem Nomads, a podcast show and online platform dedicated to empowering expat partners to build their own portable businesses.

Amel Derragui will show you the step by step process to turn your talents and skills into a successful portable business even if you are starting from scratch. Amel will also share her own story and what she has learned from her podcast show where she interviews expat spouses around the world. Learn how to grow a successful business from someone who has personal experience of the challenges of dual-career couples.

When: Tuesday, January 16th, 10a.m. to 12p.m. 
Where: At the UN. Please click on link below for exact location.

Register: Members of NYLESA can register to the event by clicking here. Please note that you need to login to register. Register by Sunday, January 14th.

About Amel Derragui

After a career in advertising, Amel joined her husband abroad and built a marketing consulting business cross three continents. Six years later, discovering a real need for expat spouses to find their own source of fulfillment and financial freedom, she launched Tandem Nomads. Amel has been featured in major publications such as Forbes Magazine and has spoken at various events such as the World Bank, IMF family network and Forbes conferences.

Amel provides training and marketing coaching to expat partners who want to grow a successful portable business.

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