Every Year Lora and her husband Bernhard host a picnic / potluck event at their home in Milford Pennsylvania. This special event is one that we always look forward to as it gives us an excuse to get out of the city and the Milford area is always so peaceful and tranquil.

We have been there on 2 occasions, and each time thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The first time we took a bus, and the second time we rented a car, and made a weekend out of it, by staying with some other friends who also had a weekend retreat in nearby. Either way it usually takes around a couple of hours to get there.

Potluck events with a culturally diverse group are always exciting and I always love trying out new dishes. Bernhard is a very experienced grill-master who makes sure no one leaves hungry.

After the lunch one can always go on a hike or there are operators that do kayaking trips down the Delaware River. We are usually too full to do either.

By Zein Dudha, photos: Alexandre Tolipan