Date: June 9, 2011

Starting time: 10:17am
Attendance: 49

1. Opening remarks and welcome by Mayank; thanks all current and former members for their efforts in forming and establishing NYLESA.


2. Introduces Christine Bendel, HR Specialist on Staff Well-Being, UNDP. Ms. Bendel speaks to the importance of the NYLESA to expats; shares her own personal experience in moving to New York and how it was a challenge for her too. Encouraged balance in relationships by sharing with your partner the concerns and fears you may have. Expounded on the promotion of dual career importance as a happy spouse means a happy staff member, which in turn, creates a more effective worker. NYLESA can really help spouses in finding fulfillment in their search for work; network for business and social aspects as others will prove to be a strong resource; you can work for both/either UN or outside regular job market; share with others your own experiences in finding work and other; support LESAs globally. LESAs priorities are to 1. to provide information regarding the local job market, 2. creation of global expat association. Assures that both she and Geraldine Glassman, her assistant, are here to help and work alongside NYLESA.
Mayank asks for consensus by a show of hands as Anna Parini, a running candidate, needs to leave early and the CSC would like for her to introduce herself before leaving. Passed. Anna proceeds to introduce herself and then takes her leave.

3. Legitimacy and quorum of AGM is explained briefly by Mayank: we have 60 official members, 39 are present at meeting. Francisco Barnes stands to further offer his explanation; Rashida asks for democratic elections; Mayank explains how the CSC came to be, following the bylaws and the laid out the democratic procedure; Andrew says that NYLESA starts today, past is past; Ramona says we need competent and timely conflict management, and Mayank asks her to volunteer her time to do so.

4. Mayank looks for agenda adoption by show of hands. Francisco stands to ask for an additional minutes to be added for the time needed to review the history of NYLESA. Voted down; agenda adopted.

5. Mayank asks for approval of Working Groups mandates by show of hands: approved.

6. Election introductions begin. After introductions are concluded, Francisco stands to ask how Mayank can coordinate between both Chair and Communication Coordinator: Mayank, Elsa and Sirkku all explain that we are mandated to work to avoid conflicts, and that anyone elected to a position may still work within a working group.
(Break to vote)
Resume at 11:30am

7. Annual work plan read out by CSC participants. Mayank explains that the work plan is “not written in stone” and therefore can be adjusted as needed; Ramona wants to see more details as she feels it sounds like “a mission”; Sirkku explains that the Working Groups will make their own action plans and ToRs; Francisco stands again to insist that the common cultural event that he began be continued and asks Welcome Group to work towards this end; Mayank asks for consensus on Annual Work Plan by show of hands. Passed by majority.

8. Election Results: read out by Electoral Officer, Justin Andrews.

  • Chair – Mayank Jain
  • Co-chair – Lora Davis
  • Treasurer – Elsa Begne
  • Career Support – Ravi Kumar
  • Welcome – Teresa Sola
  • Communication – Sirkku Laakkonen

Elsa asks for more volunteers for next election. Geraldine backs up this call and offers UNDP focal point support in any way.

Finishing time : 11:50am