This summer I had the pleasure to travel to the Northern Province of Holland, Friesland; where I witnessed an incredible 3-day theatre spectacle by the Giants of Royal-de-Luxe. The story revolved around a ‘little’ girl and her dog wandering the city of Leeuwarden in search for their father the diver, a 11-meter-high giant, who assisted the locals with strengthening their dikes and is now searching for a lost ice-skate in one of Leeuwarden’s canals. The sight of the magnificently manually animated giants is mesmerizing.

The three giants have a classic and romantic wooden doll appearance and their life-like movements make it an incredible spectacle.
Royal-de-Luxe is an iconic French street theatre company and their giants make their appearance on big events throughout the world (from Montreal to Perth). I can totally recommend this to everyone and suggest to be on the lookout for a performance near you, as it is a unique phenomenon for all ages.

by Stef Stevens