By Saionara König-Reis, NYLESA Career Support Coordinator

This coming November, on Friday 4, from 10-12pm, NYLESA will host its 1st Career and Business Fair, an event to promote our members’ small businesses, and to open career development opportunities for all. The Career and Business Fair will allow for our members to introduce their business to a friendly market of peers, to exchange business cards, and to trade experiences. For some, it will also be a good chance to introduce a business idea and to meet other people interested in partnering for a new business adventure.

The Fair is about business but it is also about career. So, for instance, if you work for an NGO and want to present the cause you believe in, you will want to join us. Also, if your social project is looking for volunteers, this may be the place to meet some interesting people and to find some needed hands! And if you don’t have a business, an employer, nor a project, you may meet someone in a growing phase who is just looking for someone like you.

After all, you never know what life you will bring you when you put yourself on the spot!

If you are interested in putting on a table for your business, project, or idea, send an email to

The event will be open to the public, but marketing tables are for NYLESA members only. Don’t miss the chance, there are limited spots available!