March 29 is the day UNICEF has chosen to launch in social media two important and necessary campaigns in defense of refugee children.

Unfairy Tales” are three short stories that pretend to raise awareness on the humanitarian problematic of migrant kids. The animated series, based on real stories, narrate some of the dramatic experiences that children escaping war in Syria are facing.

This initiative comes along with the launch of the hashtag #actofhumanity, which pursues to bring to the spotlight inspiring stories of individuals doing acts of humanity and supporting young migrants that may serve to set example and contribute to battle the stigma refugees are facing at the moment.

One of the strong slogans used at the campaign states that “some stories were never meant for children”. Learn about the story of little Malak, a 7 year-old boy and protagonist of one of those unfairy tales. “Malak and the Boat”:

John Budd, Senior Advisor at UNICEF, explains with further detail the aims behind this compromised and creative initiative and why animation might be a better approach to reach to further audiences:

You can join the conversation in Twitter & Facebook and share stories by using the hashtag #actofhumanity.


In the meanwhile don’t miss the story of Mustafa, a 13 years who lost everything he loved and knew about. “Mustafa goes for a Walk”:

And the story of the 14-year-old Ivine, deeply traumatized by the events. “The Story of Ivine and Pillow”: