I spent four years in New York and lived during this period of my life at the south door of the Central Park (58th Street and 6 Avenue). I was very happy living in this location, which is very central and overcrowded, but where I could almost immediately step in the nature and calm. And it is such a miracle to have such a big park in the center of the city. Moreover, this was one of the first places I’ve visited at my arrival to the city.

I was spending a bit of my time there every day all year round. Especially in the evenings, while we all were walking our dog. The park in twilight was transforming into a calm and magic place, with incredible tree shadows and with almost no people, which is quite rare in this Metropolis.

The park was a majestic snow kingdom during the blizzard days and the fresh breath during the hot summer days. My favourite period was every October where the weather was perfect for long walks and the park was filled with gorgeous purebred horses.

The Park opens its secrets little by little to those who are attentive by showing its hidden places, like small botanical garden, or multiple nice calm paths.

This is an incredible place welcoming elders and young. My son, Victorien made his first steps there, them he learned there to ride a scooter as well. He enjoyed the rides, carousels, skating ring and playgrounds, so I always could find how to entertain him there.

Central Park was also a huge source of inspiration for my work. I was going there for sketches sessions or photo shoots. I could really practice a lot there.

To summarise, I just can say that my live in New York would be another story if there were no Central Park.

Text, photos and paintings by Ksenia Poncet