Tanya Marinova was formally a member of the Membership Team and Electoral Officer

My name is Tanya Marinova. I’m Bulgarian. I have a Master's degree in Electronics and Communications. My career began with the development of radio electronics based control systems. I also worked many years for the Ministry of Interior in the area of implementing IT and telecommunication hardware, software and other related services.  

I have been a member of NYLESA from the very beginning when the association was established with the help of UNDP after one workshop organized for spouses. I have not been active in the Association all the time, because I was working as a consultant for UNDP for 3 years and later for UNFPA.

I joined the Membership Team to help the Association through a very difficult time. I enjoy the opportunity to work with other highly motivated people from all over the world. We have established a real international team. All new members meet us first through emails.

NYLESA gives you the opportunity to work, meet people, grow and prove that you are more than just an expatriate spouse. NYLESA will help you find your place in NY and to feel at home in the Big Apple.