Ana was NYLESA Communications Group Coordinator 2021-2022

I was born in Croatia, raised in Macedonia. Arriving to New York at the end of 2019 for my partner’s job, I have been enjoying the life here ever since.

 I became a member of NYLESA in March 2020 and joined the Steering Committee in May 2020.

To me NYLESA means support, connection, communication, growth, productivity and fun.

I am honored to be part of the SC team for the second year because it is a team that motivates, makes changes, moves forward and supports our community to become even more cohesive and mutually supportive.

To the newly arrived, I recommend taking their time as much as they need and making the best of their life here. We are very lucky to have a chance to live in this iconic place.

Things I love about New York - New York sometimes feels like a movie scene… hustle and bustle…characters everywhere, incredible diversity… people, art, cute little shops … I love the streets of Soho and miss the scene of Broadway- my ultimate favorite place in the city. A good Broadway show can make one laugh or cry, but always feel alive.

My hobbies and interests in New York – I like listening to old records, audiobooks, illustrated books, and taking pictures of the city. I like sport, especially swimming (I miss the Adriatic Sea back home a lot), but, most of all I am a social animal, I would always choose a social event over everything else. Since the pandemic, I have become “hooked” on chess ( I love competitive games). 


Living here, I have learned so much, the pace of New York takes some getting used to. The pandemic has help us all build a new kind of resilience, but I would say New York has also given me more agility, ability to deal with the unpredicted and unexpected and build my curiosity in diverse and new things.