Gift was NYLESA Welcom Group Coordinator 2021-2022

I am a Zambian. I arrived in New York in October 2017 as a spouse to a UNICEF staff.

Being a UN spouse and having lived in many duty stations, I am grateful to be part of the SC team because it is a space where I am able to share my life experience, my skills, to help others navigate the unchartered terrain.  In the process learning from others too!

NYLESA is a common ground for most spouses to socialize, connect, network and support each other to settle in NYC. Being the Welcome Group Coordinator, I would like to help UN spouses settling down and being part of a bigger family.

To the newly arrivedI would say “Get connected”, join NYLESA - it’s a great family and social support system and a good resource for information on schools, where to get local delicacies, application for driver’s license, work permits, career growth etc.  The opportunities are endless! You may also discover the untapped treasures in you!

Things I love about New York - I love New York because it is a fascinating city! Its multiculturalism is seen in its cuisine, people, and architecture. As a student of Interior Design, my studies literally come to life! I can recognize the different design styles and time period of the buildings. Truly, New York is a melting point!

My hobbies and interests in New York - I love traveling, cooking, outdoors, photography, fashion, design, making friends, community work, and a good read ... Since living here, I have discovered that having an open mind has allowed me to adapt quickly to change, embrace it and adapt to the new norm. I have tapped into self-awareness of self-advocacy and having to pass on the mic to let others “tell their stories”. The story becomes whole, undistorted, and authentic.