Jooyoung was NYLESA Treasurer 2021-2022

I am from Korea but also studied for my master’s degree in Australia and worked in Japan. I came to New York two years ago when my husband joined UNICEF for his first UN post. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave everything behind, but I accepted it.

As soon as we arrived, I joined NYLESA and became an active volunteer member. I have built new relationships and obtained useful information through NYLESA. In parallel, I prepared for my CPA career path, and I am now working as an accountant in a local CPA firm.

I feel happy to be part of the Steering Committee because the team is highly motivated, creative, and committed to the work of NYLESA.

To the newly arrived, I recommend getting a driver’s license, I recently got mine after two years living here. NYC is an absolutely attractive city where you would probably never get bored, but it is also nice to expand the boundaries. NYC is not typical America, so when you travel around, it is amazing to meet a lot more friendly and relaxed people and abundant natures.

Things I love about New York – I love NYC for its incredible diversity. I don’t feel that I am a stranger even though I speak my own language on the street (my family speaks a mix of Korean and Japanese). That feels good especially as I am coming from a highly homogeneous culture where everybody speaks the same, eats the same, and looks similar. In my culture, we try not to be too unique, instead harmonized. Here, everything is authentic. I’d like to call it a feeling of “liberty”.

My hobbies and interests in New York – I like to seek out something new. I used to walk around the city trying to discover something interesting outside, but now I enjoy exploring my inner self. I started mediation when the pandemic started. I try to sit still for 20-30 mins every morning, it helps me release anxiety that often comes with a challenge or change. I also like to travel – we were just back from an extended weekend trip to Albany.