Martin Haro is the creator and producer of NYLESA podcast series. He is a volunteer for the NYLESA Communications Group.


I am originally from Uruguay and moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2002, where I obtained a PhD in Information, Communication and Audio-visual Media Technologies and also worked as a sound and music researcher, and CEO of a science communication agency. 

My wife and I lived in New York from 2017 to 2020. We lived in Brooklyn, a place we plan to return to as soon as the COVID situation allows it. We are grateful our NYLESA family was always available and ready to help.

Throughout my life, I have always been amazed by the enormous power of sound as a tool to communicate emotions and generate empathy. That is why I think the NYLESA Podcast is a new wonderful way to support each other as UN spouses living in New York. 

Currently, besides being producer and co-host of the NYLESA podcast, I have also started a podcast production company ( 

 We are due to return to the crazy city of New York when UN travel resumes