Olivier Caudron is the host of NYLESA new podcast series Let's Talk about It. He is one of the longest term members of the Association.


I am from Belgium and have been in New York for 10 years. My passion together with my skills, experiences, and certifications turned me into a Confidence Coach, helping sensitive persons stuck in life to regain confidence and set liberating changes.

NYLESA highly contributed to my acclimation to NYC, which has been the reason for me to actively support fellow UN Spouses. I was member of the Welcome Working Group before becoming its Coordinator in 2012-2013, and later Chairperson in 2013-2015, and finally facilitator.

Those positions and being part of the expat community made me realize that we, UN Spouses, have some needs and struggles that we feel uncomfortable talking about, and it’s necessary to remedy it.

Facilitating Support Group meetings, now called #CONVERSATION, I realized that some topics are too difficult for people to discuss openly and some of us wanted a voice to speak on their behalf. Hence, with Soraya, we launched the Let’s Talk About It! Podcast series. We openly debate on those topics, and not without a touch of humor. I hope you will enjoy the podcast as much as I am to planning and recording it.