Soraya is NYLESA Chair. She co-hosts the podcast series Let's Talk about It.


I am from Zimbabwe. This is our first UN posting - moving to New York straight into the pandemic, NYLESA provided support and focus into the life in this city.

NYLESA helped to settle me, to give me purpose especially during the lockdown period. NYLESA showed me that there is a vibrant, friendly human side to this machine called the UN.

A true believer of ‘diving into’, my volunteering as the Welcome Coordinator last year allowed me to be part of this great group – meeting new people, learning new skills – never in a million years did I ever think I would be hosting a Podcast show! 

Taking the Chair position this term, I would like to ensure that we continue with the legacy and ensure any new members are welcomed into the NYLESA family.

To the newly arrived I recommend that you be open, be adventurous, be you! I am at a ‘maturity’ in my life where life is about living and caring about those nearest and dearest to you. You cannot please everybody – please yourself first! Embrace life, live it!

Things I love about New York - I love NY for the diversity of cultures and people. On arrival in the city and walking on the sidewalk, I had to stop and remind myself that I was in NYC because all around me people were speaking every other language except ‘American – whatever that is! I have several favourite parts of NYC: being on the river and seeing the Statue of Liberty and everything it represents and the glitz and glamour of Broadway!

My hobbies and interests include cooking, reading, I am a warm glass artist, culture – music, art, theatre, horticulture, dancing, helping people and enjoying a chilled glass of champagne! more recently – podcasting, and most importantly friends!  


Living in New York, I discovered myself being more patience, walking IS good for you and you can do anything you want to.