Zein Dudhathe co-produced NYLESA Podcast How-to NYC series. He is a former NYLESA member and was the Coordinator of the Communications Group from November 2018 – March 2019. 

Recently returned to Blantyre, Malawi after a 3year stint in New York. I have a BSc in Business and International Marketing and two decades of experience in Sales, Marketing and Communications. I also own a Bed and Breakfast in Malawi and enjoy working in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Living in New York turned out to be a life changing experience for my wife and me as we became parents whilst here.  During my wife’s pregnancy we had so many questions and because we didn’t know that many people, often it was hard to find out the answers, for examples which doctor to use, which hospital, pediatrician, how to apply for our child’s American passport, day-care options, just questions, questions and questions …

After battling out these issues ourselves, I thought that there needed to be a way of making sure that others in our situation would have access to this information. I was very excited to help start up NYLESA podcasting as a way of making sure that future UN spouses have access to reliable, first hand and up-to-date information on how to settle into this vast and complex city – and have fun whilst here!