Angela Bamblett was NYLESA Chair in 2012-2013 and has been a member until she left for Fiji recently for her husband’s new posting

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Photo: Lin Qi

Dear NYLESA members,

As I leave New York City for the second time, I wanted to express my gratitude and say thank you to my NYLESA family. And I also wanted to share my thoughts as to why we need NYLESA. It’s not just for the coffee and cocktails.

A part of the UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility Programme (UN DC&SM), NYLESA is an association run by spouses for spouses to support each other and our families and thus the mission of the UN.

I initially arrived in NYC in October 2011. By March 2012 I was chair of a fledgling organization and part of an incredible steering committee who worked hard to build the organization we all enjoy today. We were fortunate to be building on the vision and foundations laid by Mayank and his team. Their foresight created a legacy, ensuring the organization’s longevity and stability. It has been wonderful to observe NYLESA grow and thrive under subsequent chairs and committees. Each leaving their own legacy and a stronger better organization for all of us.

It has also been a privilege to witness NYLESA members helping each other through the toughest of experiences. In addition to the obvious and significant challenges associated with settling into a new duty station, there have been more extreme experiences including Hurricane Sandy, bereavements, illnesses, marriage breakdowns, accidents and various other trials that have befallen us.

NYLESA is more than a career support program and a social group, it is a community. It takes the place of family and friends for those of us who are far from home.

The career support, special events and social gatherings deeply enriched my life here in NYC and that of my family. The highlight was getting to meet so many talented and interesting people. I treasure the life-long friendships, solidarity and special memories that being a part of NYLESA has made possible.

We need NYLESA to continue to advocate for, and support UN spouses and their families. To that end I encourage each and every member to make the commitment to actively participate, contribute and wholeheartedly support fellow members and those who have generously taken on more formal roles.

It is your organization and it is what you make it. Keep going. It’s worth it.

It was you that made New York home.

Thank you.

Angela Bamblett