Mayank Jain was one of the founders and was the first Chair of NYLESA. He's currently a honorary member and webmaster for the Association. 

Dear NYLESA members,

During our first move to New York between 2009 and 2012, I was nervous and anxious like many of us would be. I didn’t know how I would adapt to the new surroundings and create a new life in this city.

Nevertheless, I put myself out there - willing to absorb and catch up with the buzzing city, learn its culture and enjoy life here. This phase lasted a year and half before I felt comfortable and at home in the city. It could have been shorter if I knew those who had been through a similar situation and have learned from them. NYLESA was an idea that resonated with me to fill this gap.

I decided to volunteer with a few like minded spouses and put our efforts in creating this organization. It was a seed sown by the first group of volunteers who saw the need for an organization like this. We decided to create something that would help and assist many, in adapting to the city with ease, easily find career opportunities and also enjoy the city.

Our initiative was well nurtured by consecutive teams of volunteers for this seed to grow and flourish. When we moved back to New York in 2017, I was already familiar with the change. I transitioned much more smoothly into continuing with my career and life. The most joyous moment during our second move to New York City was meeting the members of NYLESA and experience its various developments. I feel elated to know that NYLESA has grown into a fruit bearing tree for many. I wish all the volunteers and the Steering Committee the very best in making NYLESA even stronger.

Best wishes,
Mayank Jain