UN staff members who are also holders of a G-4 visa are exempt for paying taxes on income from work. You will however, be required to pay property taxes (if you own property in the US), sales tax and taxes on any other form of income, where applicable.

For accompanying spouses who find employment outside the UN or who are self-employed, taxes must be paid on income according to the prescribed scale set by the US government. In addition to the federal income tax, many states impose an additional income tax. It is recommended that a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) be used to complete tax returns, which are due on April 15th of each year. In addition to a CPA, there are several income tax preparation companies throughout NY and NJ that assist employees in filing their tax returns.

The option of learning to file your own tax returns is always available through short courses usually held throughout the year by many of the tax preparation franchising companies in New York and by some local libraries.

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