Working at the UN

NYLESA was established under the UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility programme. The aim of this programme is to assist globally-mobile families adapt to new duty stations and to help expatriate spouses/partners find jobs and maintain their professional careers.

NYLESA collaborates with UN organizations through UN Focal Points. There are many initiatives to assist spouses in settling into New York and to support their career ambitions.

If you are interested in working for the UN, make sure you understand first the basics about the UN system.  Also check out Sebastian Rottmair's Blog "About job hunting for UN jobs" on the UN Job List.

All the UN jobs are gathered into one place on the UN Job List. Try  or

Each UN System organization has also their own vacancy pages, where you can find the job openings but also the information how to apply for the jobs.

The five UN System organizations in New York are;

Competency-based resumes and interviews.

If you want to work for the UN, you might be required to take a competency interview.  Check out this interesting introductory youtube video on how to prepare for a Competency-based interviews. A full video course is available here. See the first page under Career Support for documentation on competency-based resumes and interviews.

Career Support Workshops at UNDP

The workshops are organized twice a year in order to

  • Familiarize the participants with the job market in the New York area and also within the UN system;
  • Enhance the presentation of skills and competencies possessed to be competitive in the job hunting process;
  • Strengthen the cross-cultural competencies needed to succeed in the local and international job market.

Information regarding the workshops is delivered to all the members of NYLESA.

Spouse Support Programme (SSP) Info-sessions

These info-sessions are organized by UN HQ Spouse Support Programme at 380 Madison Ave and deal with: immigration, the G4 visa, insurance, work permits, job hunting at the UN, real estate in NY etc.

More information about the info-sessions is posted monthly to Nylesa Events and sent to NYLESA members and to those listed on the SSP mailing list via

ProBono jobs offered at UNDP

The UNDP Spouse Pro Bono Services Programme offers NYLESA members the opportunity to assist - on a pro bono basis - with the organization's development goals and at the same time develop skills, competencies and work experience relevant to the UN System and beyond.

NYLESA members engaged on a pro bono basis will have the opportunity to attend relevant conferences, seminars, certified trainings, inter-agency activities and meetings in New York.  A certificate will be issued on successful completion of assignments.

Pro Bono jobs are posted on the Jobs Group of the Discussion Forum on NYLESA website. Join the Group to get the emails sent directly to your inbox. Discussion Forums are open only for the members who have signed up on the Nylesa website.

Read about the Pro Bono experience in the UNDP Bulletin August 2011.

 Short Term Vacancies and Consultancies at UN

UN HQ sends, via the Spouse Support Programme, its external open short term and consultancy vacancies to spouses on their SSP mailing-list and to Nylesa members. UNICEF also does the same with their short term vacancies. Join NYLESA to be able to benefit from these services.All Professional Positions of 1 year or more in the Secretariat are advertised at; this is the one stop shop for additional information on compensation, interviewing techniques and all other career related matters.  To be considered for a General Service or 'G' position, you need to take the ASAT exam.   This is currently being run twice a year for spouses only.  For more details, check out:

Here, you'll also find info. about the
Language Competitive Exam - for language professionals (interpreters, translators etc) -

See these links to Social Media on UN career matters