US Job Market


American job market differs in many ways from job markets around the world. It is important to understand How? to be able to adapt your job hunt, training, resume, interview behavior and in the end working style to US Company.

On this page we’ll collect information and links about different aspects of how to do it right.

(Referring to our Disclaimer, the information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. )

1)  In NYLESA Job Seeking Support Seminar January 25, 2012 Corporate Trainer Barry Collodi spoke to members about  What US employers are looking for, Marketing Yourself effectively and American Management Style

2)  On our Blog our member Ravi Nanju gave good tips How to Update your Credentials?

3)  On our BLOG our member Gundula Schmidt-Graute wrote about How to open a business in NY and Tri-State area.

4)  Fashion designer/Entrepreneur Nina McLemore spoke to NYLESA Group at our special event  Dress for Success  on May 14, 2012

Useful information on setting up and running your own business:


Please refer to these websites for information on starting your own business.   Make sure to check official sources, forms, addresses, expiration dates etc, before filling forms or going anywhere.