Medical Care

The American medical system can be confusing and overwhelming but you will have access to excellent medical care in the NYC area. Before going to any doctor, make sure that the doctor accepts the insurance plan you have. This will avoid you having to pay any out-of network charges. Be aware that you will usually have a small “co-pay” at each visit.

To find a doctor covered by your plan, visit the on-line directories of your insurance provider. You can also visit:

• which can help you find a doctor and also has reviews and ratings

• For a link to all NYC-area hospitals sorted by borough, please click on: List of hospitals in New York City.
• For psychological support you can dail “311” to get first psychological support.
• To get therapists:

Medical Insurance Plans

Please visit for detailed information on a variety of health insurance plans. Most non-US UN staff members stationed in New York and their accompanying family members have two medical insurance plans to choose from:

Both AETNA and Empire Blue Cross have comprehensive on-line in-house directories of the healthcare providers that accept their respective plans.

Dental insurance

The CIGNA Dental PPO plan is available. US citizens and retirees are also entitled to apply for Medicare. For detailed information consult the UN Health and Life Insurance Section located in the FF Building Room 300 (304 East 45th Street, 3rd floor) or their website at

Care for the Elderly

The Visa Committee at the UN Secretariat/OHRM (tel: (212) 963 7092) can provide information as to the visa and legal requirements for taking your extended family to your new duty station. All relevant forms to facilitate the process can be found on the Human Resources section of the Intranet of your particular UN agency.

For NY resources and information:
• org/links.htm

Household Help

Outside of networking sources, you can find household help from:

• Ads in the local and community newspapers.
• Community centers and local places of worship.
• Employment agencies and local business directories.
• In-house domestic services provided by some buildings.

It is generally recommended that any household help found through these sources be screened and asked to provide references. You should ensure that a clear job description is provided and agreed to by all parties involved. Cultural differences must be kept in mind and all expectations need to be discussed openly and candidly to prevent future problems.

Any additional information regarding the hiring, payment and tax obligations related to the employment of household help while in NY should be sought from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS):