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This Podcast is an initiative of NYLESA to support its members and UN spouses living in New York.

In continuing with the first series ‘How-to in NYC’ introduced in 2019, the NYLESA Podcast now includes a new shows ‘Let’s Talk About It!’ !

It’s your podcast – do let us know what topics you would like us to cover!

Let’s Talk about It! 

Hosted by Soraya King and Olivier Caudron, produced by Martin Haro

In this series of informal conversations, the hosts discuss subject matter that might be burdens or concerns of fellow expat-spouses, both topical and not easy to talk about.

Soraya King

Soraya King


Olivier Caudron

Olivier Caudron


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Let's Talk about It! Ep. 25: Pregnancy in NYC (part I)

“How is it to give birth to a little New Yorker?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 24: Being a Male UN Spouse
Let's Talk about It! Ep. 23: Leaving New York
Let's Talk about It! Ep. 22: Alternative Career Opportunities (part II)
Let's Talk about It! Ep. 21: Alternative Career Opportunities (part I)
Let's Talk about It! Ep. 20: Raising our Voices

What rights do you want as UN spouse?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 19: Domestic Abuse (part II)

What would you do if you were in that situation?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 18: Domestic Abuse (part I)

What would you do if you were in that situation?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 17: Concerns after the NY Honeymoon

What did concerned you the most once in NY?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 16: Adventurous in NY

Are UN spouses the Indiana Jones of NYC?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 15: Relationships

How are things going in your couple?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 14: Financial Independence

What Does Financial Independence Mean to You?

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 13: Why should you enjoy the NY pizza?

The best way to know it is to talk about it! 

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 12: Which Type of UN Spouse are You?

To start the new season, Soraya and Olivier share with humor the results of their research on different types of UN Spouses…

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 11: Retirement

In this episode, our guest, member Francine Afane- financial advisor, talks about providing financial security in retirement

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 10: Kids in Universities abroad

In this 10th episode, Soraya shares her experience and tips as mother having her kids in 2 universities in 2 different countries, while Olivier is identifying possible ways to cope with the challenge.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 9: Professional Barriers

Episode 9 with hosts Olivier & Soraya talk about professional barriers for UN Spouses and possible ways to break them.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 8: Talking about Racism

Episode 8 with Olivier and Soraya, inspired by BLM 0f 2020, look at the very hot topic of the American nation and closer to home of racism

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 7: Disorienting NY

Episode 7 with Olivier & Soraya talks about disorienting NYC from terminology to using public transport including walking.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 6: Aging Parents

In episode 6, Soraya and Olivier talk about how much ‘aging parents’ can be a concern for UN Spouses – From emotional guilt to sincere availability.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 5: Emotional Overload

In episode 5, Soraya & Olivier talk about emotional overload – how to overcome the overused placations.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 4: Acclimation

In this episode your hosts, Olivier & Soraya discuss how surprisingly challenging it can be to adjust oneself to life in NYC, and share some options to ease culture shock.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 3: UN Spouses and Political Climate

Episode 3 sees Olivier & Soraya debating about the best attitude UN spouses could adopt vis a vis the host country’s political condition.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 2: Being a UN Spouse

In this episode, Olivier & Soraya discuss the pros and cons of being a UN Spouse.

Let's Talk about It! Ep. 1 Introduction

In this episode Soraya & Olivier discuss the who, the why and the how this new show! 

How-to NYC 

Hosted by Martín Haro and Zein Dudha

This series covers tips and information for UN Spouses, from the multitude of different tasks to do when you first arrive in New York; interviews with experts concerning taxes and banking, work permits and more.



Select any of the episode under the title How-to NYC in the Podcast window above, content of each episode is listed in the next session!

Martin Haro

Martin Haro

Creator and Producer

Zein Dudha

Zein Dudha


How-to NYC Ep.5 Immigration

Find out about immigration options beyond our current G4 visa status.

E2 Visa?

Interested to find out more about E2 Visa (also known as investor or entrepreneur visa)? 

Julien from the Career Support Team followed up with Suneeta Dewan to ask her about E2, as an option beyond G4 – in case an UN staff leaves US for an assignment but the family wants to stay behind.

Click this link to hear the audio. 


How-to NYC Ep. 4: Starting your own biz

In this episode, we talk to Man Li Lin, an expert from the Small Business Administration, about how to start your own business in New York.

How-to NYC Ep. 3 Getting work permit

Episode 3 is all about getting your work permit or an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD).

In this episode we talk to Rula Eid Greco who is the Host Country Immigration Support Services Officer at the United Nations Department of Operational Support. She tells in detail the process of applying for and renewing a work permit. we recommend all NYLESA members listen to this podcast!

How-to NYC Ep. 2 Banking with UNFCU
Episode 2 starts with some of our members explaining about why they decided to join the UNFCU and also about their experiences with this financial institution.
In this episode we talk to Carlos Noriega the Branch Manager at UNFCU. He tells us more about the services that the Credit Union offers its members, and answers questions relating to opening up a bank account.
How-to NYC Ep.1 NYLESA Community and UN spouse challenges

Episode 1 starts with an introduction to the series, then what members think NYLESA is to each of them, and an interview with the 2018/2019 Chair.

In the last part of this first episode, we have a very interesting conversation with Angela Bamblett, who talked about her experience being one of the first Association’s members and 2012/2013 Chair, and shared her professional opinion as a psychologist on the challenges being an expat spouse that we all face.


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