NYLESA Podcast

This Podcast is a new initiative of NYLESA to support its members as UN spouses living in New York.

Through different episodes, the show covers different topics such as things to do when you first arrive in New York; interviews with NYLESA members about their work, hobbies, and neighborhoods; and interviews with experts about taxes and banking, healthcare, education, work permits and more.

It's your podcast - do let us know what topics you would like us to cover!


Martin Haro

Martin Haro

Creator and Producer

Zein Dudha

Zein Dudha


About Episode 5

Find out about immigration options beyond our current G4 visa status.

About Episode 4

In this episode, we talk to Man Li Lin, an expert from the Small Business Administration, about how to start your own business in New York.

About Episode 3

Episode 3 is all about getting your work permit or an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD).

In this episode we talk to Rula Eid Greco who is the Host Country Immigration Support Services Officer at the United Nations Department of Operational Support. She tells in detail the process of applying for and renewing a work permit. we recommend all NYLESA members listen to this podcast!

About Episode 2
Episode 2 starts with some of our members explaining about why they decided to join the UNFCU and also about their experiences with this financial institution.
In this episode we talk to Carlos Noriega the Branch Manager at UNFCU. He tells us more about the services that the Credit Union offers its members, and answers questions relating to opening up a bank account.
About Episode 1

Episode 1 starts with an introduction to the series, then what members think NYLESA is to each of them, and an interview with the 2018/2019 Chair.

In the last part of this first episode, we have a very interesting conversation with Angela Bamblett, who talked about her experience being one of the first Association’s members and 2012/2013 Chair, and shared her professional opinion as a psychologist on the challenges being an expat spouse that we all face.