April 26, 2011, 1:30 am to 4:20 pm.

DC-1, 18thfloor Conference Room, UNDP NYC

Meeting facilitator:  Christine Bendel, UNDP

Participants: Geraldine Glassman (UNDP), Sirkku Laakkonen, Teresa Sola, Lora Davis, Elsa Begne, Francesca Bertrand, Mayank Jain, Ravi Kumar, Francisco Bozzano-Barnes.

1. Review the bylaws and related documents prepared by Filip Borkowy
2. Define and share tasks for preparation of AGM



In our review of this text we agreed that:

  1. We will go by the Calendar Year. So, in article 7.1.a it will read January 1st.
  2. Article 8.2 ends: during the first quarter.
  3. Where it says 30 calendar days in the bylaws, it remains as is.
  4. Instead of Registered Member it should always say Regular member.
  5. In Article 8.8.d erase and at the end.
  6. Article 9, in points 2 and 3 there is an apparent contradiction. Could they be formulated more clearly?
  7. In Article 9 and 8 need to mention that information be publicized on the SC candidate slates at least 15 days before the elections.
  8. Article 10, points 4 and 5 mention Special General Meeting, when it should be GM.
  9. Could we use draft and adopt instead of promulgate for clarity?
  10. Article 12.2 has members written twice.
  11. Article 12, points 5, 6 and 7 need to include the obligation to report of Chair, Co- Chair and Treasurer as mentioned for WG Coordinators further down the text. The best solution would probably be to mention all elected positions having this obligation.
  12. Article 13.8 should say that any regular member can become an electoral officer and that the SC will make the nomination.
  13. Article 13.7 should say: who shall not be a candidate.
  14. Article 16.2 should say: WGs shall be created and terminated by a decision at an AGM or GM.
  15. Article 18.9.b as in point 11. In article 18 9d, delete to.
  16. Article 21.1 as in point 9.
  17. Remove Article 21.d
  18. Could Article 22.4a be made clearer
  19. Add Article 22.4.c with a definition of the electoral officer nominated by Steering Committee.

We agreed that we would hold a Ceremony to Sign the By-laws on Monday, May 2, at our next meeting and make a small ceremony out of it. The remaining time of the meeting will be used to work on our plans to prepare for the First Annual General Meeting from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm in the 18th floor Conference Room of the DC-1 Building.


  1. Section 1.1 will say The Annual Regular Fee for 2011 shall be $15 and point 2 is eliminated.
  2. Section 2.1 will be eliminated, the current 2.2, which will become 2.1, will indicate a 2011 membership fee of $25.
  3. In Section 3, the title would read: Procedures for Becoming a Member (Regular and Associate).

The text will say: After 3 May 2011, eligible spouses/partners may complete a membership form and pay the requested membership fee of USD 15 for 2011. Alternative ways of form completion and fee payment will be proposed by the CSC to facilitate this process for the members. We will contact as many spouses and partners as possible.

We nominated Francesca Bertrand as the New acting Treasurer in substitution of Rachida M’Rabet, who has done a wonderful job, but is too busy with her personal affairs now. Thank you, Rachida, for your honesty and dedication to the task at hand.

  • Francesca will inquire for us about opening a bank account at UNFCU.
  • We propose the nomination of Elsa Begne as Election Officer.
  • Mayank Jain will prepare a presentation for our next meeting on the Web development related to AGM logistics (on-line payment of fees, registration, etc.)
  • Francisco Bozzano-Barnes will prepare a promotional text for the AGM.
  • Lora and Sirkku will develop ideas and think of all possible channels to mobilize new members with the support of Human Resources. Objective: ~100 members at the first General Meeting

Teresa will prepare a presentation on launching logistics for our next meeting and think about technical aspects for the membership drive (in cooperation with Mayank).