A range of items donated by NYLESA members, jewellery, hand painted greeting cards, Aloe Vera products and home accessories were for sale at the NYLESA table at the annual United Nations International Bazaar.

Braving cold weather and heavy rain a great number of enthusiastic NYLESA members showed up to volunteer at the Bazaar that was held at the UN Headquarters in New York on May 25th. The initiative, promoted by the families of UN Permanent Representatives, aimed to raise funds for a number of worldwide charities by selling food, high-end items, handicrafts, works of art and lottery tickets for donated prizes. This year 50 percent of the money raised at the bazaar was donated to the UNHCR for the Syrian Refugees.

Chairperson of NYLESA Steering Committe, Tuba Durrani, donated Turkish jewellery from her jewellery business to the NYLESA table.

– Despite the rain it has been a great day. We have talked to people from all over the world and met many UN spouses that showed interest in joining our organization, said Tuba Durrani.

The NYLESA Steering Committee would like to thank all the volunteers and contributors of the UN International Bazaar 2017! Thanks to you the United Nations Women´s Guild are able to continue assisting women and children in vulnerable situations all over the world. This year 50 percent of the funds was also donated to UNHCR for the Syrian Refugees.

Participate in the Bazaar 2018!

If you own a business or are a talented artist and have an interest in participating in the Bazaar in 2018 please send and email to Tuba Durrani at chair@nylesa.org. We will put your name on a list for interested participants for the Bazaar 2018 and contact you in the beginning of next year.

About UN International Bazaar

Under the high patronage of Mrs. Catarina Vaz Pinto, the United Nations International Bazaar was  organized by a Committee of Spouses of Permanent Representatives, UN Women’s Guild, and other UN Organizations based in New York.